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How to make a video with us Innova Films is an audiovisual production company in Cadiz and operating throughout the galaxy. Specialized in advertising, we also have our own production line. Innovation, creativity and quality of content lead our steps. Do you want to carry out an audiovisual action for your company and you wonder how this works? We will clarify it below: The most important thing is to listen to our customers. We want to know what your needs are, to know your company, your identity, your target audience. Compiled all that information and after a creative advice, we

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Juan Miguel del Castillo: "The Andalusian cinema lives a good time"

Juan Miguel del Castillo (Jerez de la Frontera, 1979) began to fiddle a camera at the age of 13. A kind of game in which his cousins and brothers also participated. They made recreations of advertisements or comic scenes. Liked. Also at that age decided to study image at La Granja Institute in Jerez, and the game began to become more serious. He complemented his training by carrying out personal projects, creating, experimenting. And it was growing.  He later joined a high-prestige private film school in Barcelona. It was an important family effort because at home they are “working people”.

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How to make a travel video

Innova Films is an audiovisual production company based in Cádiz. Based on our experience of Cadiz, my Secret (if you have not seen the video, we leave the link below), we will inaugurate the blog explaining how to make a travel video.

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