Hasta el Conio – (SICK TO THE BONES)

Hasta el Conio – (SICK TO THE BONES)


  • Winner Best Experimental Film at Erie International Film Festival 2016.
  • Winner Best Dance Film at 2016 Los Angeles Film Review Independent Film Awards.
  • Official Selection at Little Rock Picture Show 2016.
  • Official Selection at Manchester Film Festival 2016.
  • Official Selection at Great Lakes International Film Festival 2016.

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Production of Innova Films


It was never easy to be a housewife. When routine, stress and invisibility are the usual tonic of a gray existence, the lottery can become the only escape route.


Dirigido, escrito y producido por Juan Cernadas y Sultana.
Protagonizado por Juana Basto.
Música: “Two”, Law (2006). COUGAR.
Layered Music / Play It Again Sam