Audiovisual producer Cádiz


Audiovisual producer Cádiz

How to make a video with us

Innova Films is an audiovisual production company in Cadiz and operating throughout the galaxy. Specialized in advertising, we also have our own production line.

Innovation, creativity and quality of content lead our steps.

Do you want to carry out an audiovisual action for your company and you wonder how this works?

We will clarify it below:

The most important thing is to listen to our customers. We want to know what your needs are, to know your company, your identity, your target audience.

Compiled all that information and after a creative advice, we create a treatment that develops the ideas, script and tone that will articulate the final video. The treatment can also be accompanied by a list of the scenes that will make up the piece.

Once this document and the budget have been approved, we go into action. The production department makes all the coordination, permits and hiring arrangements so that everything is ready when filming begins.

During the production, the technical and artistic equipment (which can be very small or very large, according to the peculiarities of the project), make sure that the recordings are developed and concluded successfully.

In the post-production phase we make a first montage that we send to the client. When he approves with a smile on his lips and a tear in the eyes of emotion, we add visual effects, sound effects, we include voiceover if necessary, Etalonamos and perform the final mix of audio.

Clearer now? We hope so. And you know: contact us to explain the espeficidades of your project and do something special together. 

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